D&B Management Plan

A drill and blast management plan is carried out to minimise blasting impacts on the surrounding buildings, installations, utilities, tenants and businesses when blasting is carried out in urban environments. The risk analysis is a detailed report that includes the following:

    • Recommendation on the size of the zone to be assessed
    • Search and recommendation of vibration limits for neighbouring properties, installations, utilities, alarms, servers and machinery within the assessment zone based on Australian standard 2187.2 – 2006
    • Liaising with the neighbouring property owners to arrange inspections

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    • Compilation of technical details about neighbouring properties deemed important for the excavation works and vibration limits
    • Provision of alternative international vibration standard comparisons
    • A “dial before you dig” check to locate underground utilities within the assessment zone.
    • Recommendation of latest technologies in vibration control to optimise blasting works
    • Assistance with community liaison where possible.
    • Recommendation of the properties to be included in the condition survey
  • Recommendation of the vibration and airblast monitoring points for compliance monitoring.