Tunnelling & Construction 2

5925-129652 Citybanan Fotodokumentation Osterman Consulting has access to the latest and best in tunnel profile and drill and blast software, combined with 27 years of experience makes the combination unbeatable in offering the best D&B solution in tunnelling and construction.

Osterman Consulting uses the most technologically advanced vibration monitoring and management systems from Sigicom in Sweden. The Infra monitoring systems are the only in the world using smart geophones, this innovative solution removes the risk for human error and back ground noise from the workplace enabling monitoring to extremely low levels. Their on line state of the art vibration monitoring & management system INFRA Net not only has the blast results available online within minutes, it is also capable of advanced data processing and analysis of results. This function allows for quick and effective prediction of expected vibrations allowing for quick feedback to the contractor of the Maximum Instantaneous Charge(MIC) requirements for the next blast.

Expert involvement in some of the largest tunnels and caverns developed down to small scale tunnels, cross passages, shafts, road cuttings and more in Urban environments has lead to the evolution of the most accurate environmental prediction and management tools and methods in the industry.