Demolition blasting is the most time and cost effective method of demolition which is often overseen due to the perceived danger of explosives. Contrary to belief, demolition blasting is the safest demolition method. Mechanical demolition requires workers to be exposed to the structure while it is destabilised. Demolition blasting removes all personnel from the structure before the structure is collapsed.

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Osterman specialises in the latest in demolition blasting. Over the years we have been involved in a large number of varying demolition blasting projects. These include high rises, large factories, silos, chimneys, water tanks and bridges. Our latest adventure added boiler houses and dredges to the list. The Ability to manage complex blasting projects in all disciplines of civil D&B is only possible with in-depth knowledge of explosives and explosives application. Once possessed, these qualities can be used to design and manage any form of new challenge. Demolition blasting is a complex engineering process that requires these skills since every project is unique requiring tailored planning, assessment and design. Since demolition blasting specialists are a rare breed Osterman works in collaboration with Australian and International demolition specialists.


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Osterman is based in Sydney NSW with satellite offices in Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD

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