is a digital Geophone that measures vibrations from blasting, piling, sheet piling, excavation, compaction, and traffic according to different national and international standards.

Infra V 12 is classified as a versatile tool that can efficiently capture vibrations originating from various sources. Infra V 12 vertical geophone boasts of the ability to measure acceleration and plays an imperative role in protecting sensitive equipment. It also has the ability of seamless integration with the INFRA data logger. It makes it effortless for the person operating it to customize settings to comply with various industrial standards.

  • – Maximum vibration level: 250 mm/s
  •  – Frequency range: 1 – 500 Hz
  •  – Protection class: IP67
  •  – Immediate live display of results on INFRA Net



Infra V 12 vertical geophone is one of the key environmental management tools for measuring ground vibrations. It efficiently alerts the personnel of exceeding vibration levels. Infra V 12 vertical geophone helps in regulating vibrations generated from blasting and drilling works and safeguards the detrimental consequences of nearby buildings and structures. Thus, the population residing in these buildings can feel least worried about the negative impact of construction work ongoing nearby.

The robust design guarantees hassle-free usability of Infra V 12 vertical geophone even in
harsh environments. It is tolerant to mechanical shocks, offers stability, offers a greater range for measurement, and can withstand severe temperatures. Moreover, the ease of operation and the convenience of remote workability make it a unanimous choice for all
types of construction-related work.


– Triaxial functionality guarantees comprehensive detailing of vibration analysis across all three axes.

– Being lightweight, it offers flexible mountable options. Thus, it can be used in both wall installations and on the ground.

– Infra V 12 vertical geophone offers the convenience of remote management. Thus, the person operating it can use it on the different gadgets.


INFRA C 22 wireless unit, is a pioneer considering the industry standards. It combines the functionalities of a data logger and vibration monitor into one compact device. Regardless of its size, it boasts advanced features that include onboard cellular communication, GPS connectivity, and triaxial vibration monitoring. Infra C 22 offers great flexibility since it comes with an in-built 4G modem and depending on situations, it can also support 2G and 3G. Infra C 22 also does not require periodic calibration. It can be done every year.

For ease of use, the Infra C 22 sports a color display along with six six-button touch-pad. Adequate protection safeguards the display, and it is seldom vulnerable to scratches and harsh conditions. Infra C 22 is housed in an Ex/ATEX Protection Box for further security and hassle-free usage in explosive conditions. Swapping out or recharging the batteries of Infra C 22 is also very convenient.


– Infra C 22 uses very low power consumption.

– It can be used for many months without having to change the batteries.

– Exceptional battery life, lasting up to 4 months.

– Infra C 22 can be effortlessly programmed from any gadget, be it mobile or computer.

– Offers remote accessibility and unmatched convenience.

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