INFRA Sound Level Meter class 1

Measures sound levels outdoor, indoor and structure-born sound. The sound level meter measures the equivalent, or average, sound pressure level Leq. In addition, it measures the instantaneous, maximum and peak sound levels Lmax, at the same time. The interval time can be set from 1 second to 60 minutes.

Infra sound level meter class 1 facilitates effortless noise monitoring in proximity to construction sites and urban traffic. Furthermore, Infra sound level meter class 1 is also effective for measuring both indoor and outdoor noise monitoring. During peak hours, it will thus trigger a red flag when the existing noise levels breaches the acceptable limits. The ease of operation makes Infra sound level meter class 1 unique in true sense.

  •  – Measuring range 20-130 dB in four ranges, each with a dynamic range of 75 dB
  •  – When triggered, a sound clip up to 10 sec. will be recorded
  •  – Weighting: dBA & dBC
  •  – Fast & Slow
  •  – Immediate live display of results on INFRA Net


Infra sound level meter class 1 Noise Monitor, is an integral environmental monitoring tool. Drilling and blasting operations generate deafening sounds and in such environments, the tool comes into play. 24/7 noise monitoring ensures peace of mind to the residents residing in close proximity and building structures are not vulnerable to damage.
  •  – Exceptional in durability and dependability.
  • – Can be mounted on walls, tripods, and poles with effortless ease.
  • – Facilitates remote management via computer and mobile devices.
  • – Conveniently set the necessary standards for measurement.
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