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Sigicoms INFRA Monitoring System

Osterman has partnered up with Sigicom, a leading supplier of measurement technology. Sigicoms INFRA Monitoring System is the most technologically advance monitoring system available.


Infra Net is a market leading internet based measurement and management database. All output from all the above monitoring sensors can be displayed and managed under a single portal on Infra net.

The INFRA System

INFRA System is comprised of a data logger and digital sensors. The data logger is built with an internal battery, it stores and communicates data. A series of available sensors can be connected to a single data logger. For a complete wireless solution we can use the wireless vibration monitors C22.

Automatic Two Way Communication

Measurement data are transmitted at pre-set time intervals or when an event occurs. Data is automatically sent to INFRA Net over the Internet and an alarm is sent as an SMS or via email to selected recipients. The system can be remotely controlled from INFRA Net.


The dynamic sensors have digital signal processing and measures according to national and international standards. Signal processing is done through Sigicom software which makes it easy to add new or updated standards.

Applications and Sensors

The INFRA System is a self-contained monitoring and measuring system – from sensor to web presentation and report. With INFRA you can monitor and measure:


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