Environmental Management Consultancy

Leading industry methods combined with our own innovative solutions, we can help steer your project towards success.

Ostermans focuses in managing the environmental impacts our clients face when delivering a project. We will work with the project teams and approval agencies alike in assisting your project with impact statements and management plans for the noise and vibration portion of the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

Osterman is well aware of the negative impact an overly concervative and hastily prepared management plan can have to the cost and time line of a project. Osterman has a technically progressive attitude towards all of its work, ensuring we have enough confidence and knowledge of the subject to set realistic and achievable conditions and criteria in our assessments and reports.

With a team of creative and flexible thinkers that understand the impact of environmental constraints on a project, we’ll ensure the acoustic and vibration impact to your project is minimal

Being directly involved in managing noise and vibrations in the most complex civil blasting situations gives us an unbeatable knowledge base of the subjects. This in turn helps us manage other less intrusive noise and vibration sources.

We use the most advanced monitoring and management systems from Sigicom in Sweden. Our advanced noise and vibration monitoring and management system not only has monitoring results available online within minutes, it is also capable of advanced data process and analysis of the results.


With you for the long run

Osterman is based in Sydney NSW with satellite offices in Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD

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