The Stockholm City Line (Citybanan)

Blasting under central Stockholm in sensitive passages, we used cutting edge methods and created first-of-their-kind solutions.

The Citybanan

The Stockholm City Line (Swedish: Citybanan) is a railway tunnel under construction beneath central Stockholm in Sweden which will be used by the Stockholm Commuter Rail. The line was set to be 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) long, double track and electrified with two stations. Stockholm City Station and Odenplan station 

Modern methods 

Construction management of the 2 northerly contracts required very challenging and modern rock excavation methods. A 150m long and up to 15 m deep wire sawed and blasted open cut to the portal was the first of its kind.

Lowering costs, maintaining quality

The total cost of the specialised method resulted in a lower total cost of the construction. Wire sawed shafts and slots at Odenplan were other essential and challenging new technologies that were applied on the project. 

Sensitive passages 

Cutting through the centre of Stockholm the project encountered many vibration sensitive passages such as Medical research labs and 17th – 18th century buildings and churches. 

The Stockholm City Line was an extremely challenging, but highly entertaining project. 

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