Southern Link Stockholm

Complex passages and unique challenges in Sweden's largest ever road tunnel system.

Large and complex

“Södralänken” or the Southern Link is a 16.6 km network of rock tunnels through the heart of Sweden’s capital. At the time of completion it was the largest and most complex road tunnel system built in Sweden.

Close quarters

The project was filled with highly complex passes with the tunnel at times passing just 1m under high-rise buildings precision blasting had to be carried out, minimising simultaneous charge concentrations using hybrid ignition patterns. Charge concentration was continuously altered using a site law and regression analysis.

Tough passages

One of the technically most demanding passages was a 40-meter stretch of tunnel with negative rock cover. The clay above the tunnel was frozen giving it the same supporting qualities as rock, which made excavating and reinforcement possible in the area.

A passage under a top secret communication tunnel also had its unique challenges, both because of its secrecy and the fact that our tunnel roof opened into the communication tunnel at a right angle.

Another first

To complete the project we created and constructed the first ever sawed and blasted shaft, not only making the project a success but also the first of its kind.


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